Study of reduced-enrichment uranium fuel possibility for research reactors

V. A. Ruppel, Yu S. Tretyakova, S. V. Lavrinenko, A. A. Matveeva, V. N. Martyshev

Результат исследований: Материалы для журналарецензирование

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Having analyzed the results obtained in the work, it is possible to conclude that the flux density of fast and thermal neutrons in the shell of fuel elements in EFA in REU-zone decreased on average by 5%for UO2 fuel and by 7%for U9%Mo fuel. Change of neutrons flux density during the cycle does not exceed 4%for both fuel types. On average the fuel burnup in reactor core during the cycle for UO2 and U9%Mo increased by 2.8%. It is 1%less that in HEU-zone, which is conditioned by higher initial loading of 235U in fuel assembly with REU fuel.

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