Study of properties of tungsten irradiated in hydrogen atmosphere

I. Tazhibayeva, M. Skakov, V. Baklanov, E. Koyanbayev, A. Miniyazov, T. Kulsartov, Yu Ponkratov, Yu Gordienko, Zh Zaurbekova, I. Kukushkin, E. Nesterov

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The paper presents the results of the experiments with DF (double forged) tungsten samples irradiated at the WWR-K research reactor in hydrogen and helium atmospheres. The irradiation time was 3255 h (135.6 d). After reactor irradiation, W samples have been subjected to investigations of their activity level, hardness, and microstructure, as well as x-ray and texture observations. The hydrogen yield released from irradiated tungsten samples have been measured using TDS-method. The hydrogen concentration in the tungsten samples irradiated in hydrogen was higher than that in the samples irradiated in helium atmosphere. It is shown that the surface microstructure of tungsten samples irradiated in hydrogen is characterized by micro-pits, inclusions and blisters in the form of bubbles, which were not observed earlier for tungsten irradiated in hydrogen.

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ЖурналNuclear Fusion
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