Study of martensitic steels temperature regimes under high doze ion implantation

V. G. Abdrashitov, V. V. Ryzhov, Victor Petrovich Sergeev, V. P. Yanovskij

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Temperature distribution in samples during high-doze ion implantation (HDII) was studied theoretically and experimentally. By means of electron microscope investigation, a necessity was found to keep temperature regime of sample tempering in order to retain initial martensite structure of ShH-15 steel samples after HDII. Main parameter responsible for irradiation temperature regime was determined to be average current density. Dependencies of sample temperature under HDII on exposition doze are determined theoretically and experimentally. Optimal regimes for martensite steels irradiation using pulse-periodic implanters of DIANA type under ion energy of 100 keV and absence of special heat removal are the following parameters: jr (ion current density in pulse) = 0.1 mA/cm2 and ν (pulse repetition frequency) = 50 s-1 or jr=0.2 mA/cm2 and ν=25 s-1.

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