Study of in-furnace gas-dynamic processes with different design of vortex burners

Oleg M. Koksharev, Andrey V. Gil

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The paper considers the combustion chamber of the boiler unit designed for burning Ekibastuz coal by vortex burners with opposed wall firing. Since Ekibastuz coal is not highly reactive, and also has a high content of the mineral part, then vortex burners are used for its combustion. The use of standard two-channel burners leads to increased generation of nitrogen oxides, therefore, in this article the combustion processes of burning Ekibastuz coal using multi-channel burners are considered. The studies were carried out using numerical methods.

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Событие2018 Heat and Mass Transfer in the Thermal Control System of Technical and Technological Energy Equipment, HMTTSC 2018 - Tomsk, Российская Федерация
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