Study of hydrogen accumulation in palladium and silver- palladium alloy

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This work presents the results of investigation of the hydrogen accumulation characteristics in palladium, silver and palladium-silver alloy (Pd60Ag40) at their saturation with hydrogen from different aggregate states of the ambient medium (plasma, liquid, hydrogen atmosphere).The presence of silver in the alloy of palladium-silver leads to the following features: the capture of hydrogen by Pd and Pd60Ag40 samples depends on the method of saturation. In the case, while plasma and electrolytic hydrogen saturation in both samples is being trapped in the same type of traps (not significantly different in binding energy). While the saturation by Sieverts method takes place, traps formed are characteristic for each type of the samples. In case of electrolytic and plasma saturation in palladium and palladium-silver alloy, the main type of trap is the binding of hydrogen in palladium hydride. Alloying palladium with silver does not lead to decreasing the sorption capacity of the alloy Pd60Ag40 compared to Pd.

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