Study of energy deposition of intense pulsed ion beam in metal target

Xiao Yu, Jie Shen, Yulia Ivanovna Isakova, Haowen Zhong, Jie Zhang, Sha Yan, Gaolong Zhang, Xiaofu Zhang, Xiaoyun Le

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The energy deposition of intense pulsed ion beam (IPIB) in stainless steel was studied with ion beam generated by a magnetically insulated diode (MID). By taking space charge limitation approximation with Child-Langmuir (C-L) Law, combining with the time-of-flight (TOF) method, the temporal structure of the energy spectrum of IPIB was analyzed. When comparing with the experimental data, the dynamic energy spectrum of IPIB composed of protons and C+ ions, pulsed duration of 80 ns (FWHM), particle energy up to 420 keV and current density over 200 A/cm2 can be well described with this method. Combined with Monte Carlo method and infrared imaging diagnostics, this dynamic energy spectrum was further utilized to calculate the power density distribution of IPIB in stainless steel. The results were applied to thermal field simulation, and the influence of IPIB dynamic energy spectrum on the thermal response of the target was discussed.

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