Study of ceria thin films prepared via electrochemical deposition: Role of selected electrochemical parameters on growth kinetics

Maria Dronova, Virginie Lair, Philippe Vermaut, Armelle Ringuedé, Vladimir An

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A three-electrode electrochemical cell was used for the synthesis of ceria thin films in an aqueous nitrate media, using the electrogenerated base method. The choice of the precursor of hydroxide is important regarding the mechanisms involved and the morphology of the deposits. The current-time curves were analyzed for the estimation of the growth kinetics. The scanning electronic microscopy analyses showed that a needle-like shape is characteristic of the CeO2 thin films. For the thin films deposited within 20 and 60 min, the thickness was 336 nm and 1 µm, respectively, confirming the linearity of the thickness with the deposition duration.

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ЖурналThin Solid Films
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