Study of 3D flow structure and heat transfer in a vortex furnace

Sergey V. Alekseenko, Igor S. Anufriev, Vladimir G. Glavniy, Denis V. Krasinsky, Vitaliy V. Rakhmanov, Vladimir V. Salomatov, Evgeniy Yu Shadrin

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The work is devoted to experimental and numerical study of interior aerodynamics and transfer processes in a vortex furnace which is a prospective design of a boiler unit for thermal power plants. For noncontact measurements of the flow field mean velocity, the PIV and 3D LDA techniques have been applied in a laboratory-scale model of vortex furnace. Numerical simulation of 3D turbulent isothermal steady-state flow has been performed with the use of a DRSM turbulence model. Agreement between the experimental data obtained and the results of numerical simulation carried out for the same geometry of the vortex furnace model has been demonstrated. The 3D aerodynamic structure of the flow has been analyzed, and the W-shape vortex core structure inside the vortex combustion chamber of the furnace model has been revealed. For a full-size prototype design of the vortex furnace, numerical modeling of 3D turbulent two-phase reacting flow has been performed with account for a comprehensive set of heat- and mass-transfer processes in the course of pulverized combustion of Mongolian Shiwei-Ovoo brown coal. A detailed flow field information including the fields of velocity, temperature, species concentrations and radiated heat fluxes in the vortex furnace, as well as its integral heat engineering parameters and NOx emissions have been obtained.

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ЖурналHeat Transfer Research
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Alekseenko, S. V., Anufriev, I. S., Glavniy, V. G., Krasinsky, D. V., Rakhmanov, V. V., Salomatov, V. V., & Shadrin, E. Y. (2016). Study of 3D flow structure and heat transfer in a vortex furnace. Heat Transfer Research, 47(7), 653-667.