Structure and tribological properties of Cu-Ni-WC alloy produced by electron-beam facing

S. Z. Dekhonova, S. V. Stepulyak, V. G. Durakov, S. V. Gnyusov

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The microstructure and tribological characteristics of copper-based coatings with the addition of tungsten carbide deposited by the electron-beam facing method was studied. An industrial oil lubricant was used for lubrication. The introduction of tungsten carbide particles into the copper alloy increased its load-bearing capacity significantly and made it useful in heavy-duty friction units. A higher concentration of the hardening phase in the faced layer reduced the wear of the composite; the pattern of the dependence of the wear on the load and did not change when the concentration of the hardener was varied within the studied range. Variations of the friction coefficient of the specimens faced with the compositions Cu-Ni5 and Cu-Ni5-WC10 within the range of light loads indicated a similar pattern of these dependencies.

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ЖурналJournal of Friction and Wear
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