Structure and Properties of Ti-O-N Coatings Produced by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering

Maxim Evgenievich Konishchev, O. S. Kuzmin, A. A. Pustovalova, N. S. Morozova, K. E. Evdokimov, R. A. Surmenev, V. F. Pichugin, M. Epple

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Results of an experimental study of the optical characteristics of gas discharges are presented. The study was aimed at optimizing the operating modes of a mid-frequency magnetron sputtering system to efficiently deposit Ti-O-N coatings. The conditions for maintaining the intensity of the chosen spectroscopic lines that ensure synthesis of titanium oxide and titanium oxynitride coatings have been revealed. The morphology, structure, contact angle, and free surface energy of titanium oxide and titanium oxynitride coatings on type 12Kh18N10T stainless steel substrates were examined by using scanning and transmission electron microscopy and infrared spectroscopy, and by measuring the wetting angle. The results of examination of the structure and properties of the synthesized films and their physicomechanical and optical characteristics are given.

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ЖурналRussian Physics Journal
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