Structure and mechanical properties of DC magnetron sputtered TiC/Cu films

J. Soldán, J. Musil

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TiC/Cu nanocomposite films with various copper content were deposited by DC unbalanced magnetron sputtering from sintered TiC target fixed by Cu rings of different inner diameters in pure argon. This makes it possible to prepare TiC/Cu films with Cu content ranging from approximately 5 to 85 at% Cu. The structure (XRD, Raman, SEM) and mechanical properties were examined as a function of deposition parameters and Cu content in the film. Special attention is devoted to the total internal stress, parameters determining its magnitude and their correlation with mechanical properties. The TiC/Cu system is compared with similar nitride MeNx/Cu(Ni) (Me=Ti, Zr) systems and an explanation of the different behavior of nitride and carbide systems is proposed.

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