Structural-scale levels of plastic deformation and fracture in the neck of polycrystals under tension

V. E. Panin, L. S. Derevyagina, A. I. Gordienko

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The laws of plastic flow at the macroscale and mesascale levels for the neck-formation stage up to fracture by measuring the local characteristics of strain and by constructing their distribution patterns was studied. High-strength materials such as constructional steel VKS-12 used in aircraft building, and submicrocrystalline (SMC) titanium and Armco iron made by equichannel angular pressing were investigated. The structural state of the SMC titanium is obtained after eight passes of equichannel angular pressing. As a result of the x-ray diffraction investigations, it was established that the size of coherent scattering regions (CSRs) is 76 nm in SMC titanium and the March-Dollas coefficient for the (1120) plane is 42%. The strained state in the neck on the mesoscale and macroscale levels was certified with using the optical TV method of building the displacement vector fields. During the investigations, it was revealed that the neck can be symmetric or asymmetric.

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