Structural changes in TiC-TiNi alloys on deformation

K. P. Aref'ev, D. I. Punsyk-Namzhilov, P. P. Rukhaya, A. G. Mel'nikov, S. N. Kul'kov

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The deformation of a composition material with a binding phase of shearing-unstable alloy, namely, titanium nickelide, is considered. X-ray structural analysis and electron-positron annihilation methods are used to investigate the structural changes in the composite material as a function of the degree of deformation. It is shown that the deformation produces the structural phase transition B2 → B19′, which is confirmed by x-ray structural investigations and electron positron annihilation.

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Страницы (с-по)390-393
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ЖурналRussian Physics Journal
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СостояниеОпубликовано - апр 1994

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    Aref'ev, K. P., Punsyk-Namzhilov, D. I., Rukhaya, P. P., Mel'nikov, A. G., & Kul'kov, S. N. (1994). Structural changes in TiC-TiNi alloys on deformation. Russian Physics Journal, 37(4), 390-393.