Structural Changes in С36 Laves Phase Intermetallic Compound TiCr 2 During Hydrogenation–Dehydrogenation Process

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The paper deals with melting of titanium and chromium metal powders in plasma of abnormal glow discharge which results in the formation of the hexagonal С36 Laves phase compound TiCr 2 with a = 4.928 Å and c = 15.983 Å lattice parameters. The hydrogenation–dehydrogenation process is used to prepare the powder of C36 Laves phase intermetallic compound TiCr. The hydrogenation–dehydrogenation process is performed at 100°C, 2 atm hydrogen pressure and 30 min ageing followed by vacuum cooling. The prepared metal powder is characterized by rounded lamellar and coarse particles 6 ± 2 μm and 21 ± 7 μm in size, respectively.

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