Structural approach to the inverse problems of computational diagnostics in cardiology

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Baranov, Diana Konstantinovna Avdeeva, Pavel Genad evich Pen'kov, Michael Mikhaylovich Yuzhakov, Michael Georgievich Grigoriev

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The methods to identify the structural invariants of the evolving test object using projection data are offered within the framework of the group-theoretical statistical approach. The essence of the inverse reconstructive problem within the structural approach is investigated. The features of the inverse problems arising in the study of developing open system are discussed. The advantages of the stroboscopic data acquisition in hardware-software implementation of the group-theoretical statistical reconstructive methods are explored. The concept of phase time is introduced, and the methods of stroboscopic reconstructive diagnostics in phase time are developed. The electrocardiogram (ECG)-controlled systems for X-ray medical reconstructive diagnostics are designed. The basic types of reconstructive problems for evolving test objects are considered.

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ЖурналBiology and Medicine
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 2014

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