Stochastic mechanics in the context of the properties of living systems

E. Mamontov, K. Psiuk-Maksymowicz, A. Koptioug

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Many features of living systems prevent the application of fundamental statistical mechanics (FSM) to study such systems. The present work focuses on some of these features. After discussing all the basic approaches of FSM, the work formulates an extension of the kinetic theory paradigm (based on the reduced one-particle distribution function) that exhibits all of the living-system properties considered. This extension appears to be a model within the generalized kinetic theory developed by N. Bellomo and his co-authors. In connection with this model, the work also stresses some other features necessary for making the model relevant to living systems. A mathematical formulation of homeorhesis is also derived. An example discussed in the work is a generalized kinetic equation coupled with a probability-density equation representing the varying component content of a living system. The work also suggests a few directions for future research.

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