Stochastic and deterministic modeling of spatially oriented structures in dispersion-filled polymers

N. N. Minakova, V. Ya Ushakov

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A stochastic and deterministic model is proposed for the macrostructure geometry of polymer materials containing dispersed filles. The quantitative characteristics of distribution of a dispersed-filler representing randomly packed perfect spheres were obtained. The approach was developed and improved by using the concept of invariance of the agglomerated filler packing factor. This factor was used as a cross parameter allowing one to take into account the properties of both the dispersed filler and polymer. This made it possible to calculate the distance between particles for an arbitrary packing, mode numerically describe the agglomeration-deagglomeration processes for fillers of complex structure and the inhomogeneous distribution of filler particles in matrix volume, and analyze conditions of the appearance of certain properties and the increase of their scatter. The proposed model, consistent with the physics of simulated processes, revealed new regularities in the behavior of materials containing dispersed fillers.

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