Stand-alone power supply system with DC photo-diesel source

Boris Lukutin, Dmitry Muravyev

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An object of research is a diesel power supply system of the decentralized village of Tokma, Irkutsk Region, Russia. The objective is to increase the contribution of the PV part of a photo-diesel electrical system operating in parallel with a diesel power plant to a stand-alone distribution network of DC compared to parallel PV and diesel stations operating on AC; quality improvement and voltage stabilization in the electrical network; cost reduction of generated electricity. Optimization of the characteristics of a stand-alone power supply system at a DC is a difficult task, due to the impossibility of conducting tests in a real electric power system, and the use of physical modeling because of its extreme complexity. Given this fact, the task is to design software and hardware tools for optimizing the parameters of a DC photo-diesel power system. The developed models use MS Excel, MatLab/Simulink software packages, as well as weather data bases. A software tool has been developed that allows for simulation modeling of operating modes of photo-diesel power supply systems, generation, consumption and insolation level of a decentralized consumer, as well as determining rational technical and economic parameters; criteria of expediency and efficiency of constructing photo-diesel electric systems with DC have been identified. As a result, the level of voltage drop is reduced compared to the AC power supply system, the cost of 1 kWh of electrical energy is lower than in the AC power supply system, and the negative environmental impact is reduced.

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Событие2019 International Conference of Young Scientists on Energy Systems Research, ESR 2019 - Irkutsk, Российская Федерация
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