Spectral analysis of nanosize forms of carbon synthesized by pulsed intense ion beams

G. E. Remnev, Vladimir Vasilevich Uglov, V. I. Shymanski, P. Konarski, M. P. Samtsov, Sergey Khonstantinovich Pavlov, N. M. Lapchuk

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The research results of nanodiamond formation in silicon during high intense ion implantation are presented. To produce a near-surface layer containing nanodiamond clusters a pulse ion implantation of carbon ions with different ion current densities (25-100cA/cm 2) and pulse numbers (10-500) was used. According to the Raman spectroscopy and electron paramagnetic resonance data the optimal parameters of ion implantation resulting in nanodiamond formation were found. Nanodiamonds are formed in the internal layer due to ion implantation with low pulse number (less than 100) and high ion current density (70-80 A/cm 2). An increase in pulse number results in amorphization of the implanted layer due to hydrogen atom accumulation that was revealed by the secondary ion mass-spectroscopy (SIMS) method.

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