Special Stäckel electrovac spacetimes

V. G. Bagrov, V. V. Obukhov, A. V. Shapovalov

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Classification of all electrovac specetimes permitting the separation of variables in the Hamilton-Jacobi equation for a charged test particle is carried out. This separation requires the existence of a complete set consisting of Killing's vectors and tensors of a special kind. Every complete set defines its own type of metric and electromagnetic potential in the separable coordinate system. There exist seven types of separation of variables for electromagnetic spaces. For every type an additional classification is carried out by transformation of coordinates without any disturbance of the separation conditions, the gradient transformation of electromagnetic potential and the conformal-constant transformation of metric. The key step in solving the problem is the extraction of an autonomous subsystem which determines the metric from only the Einstein-Maxwell equations for every type of separation of variables. Representatives of all classes of metrics and electromagnetic potential are given for every type of separation of variables with the exception of the spaces found in the well-known work by Carter. The problem is solved in terms of metric formalism. The classes of electrovac spacetimes obtained are found to be related to Petrov's classification.

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