Special interpretation of formal measurement scales for the case of multiple heterogeneous properties

S. V. Muravyov, V. Savolainen

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A formal model of measurement is constructed and its components are outlined in this paper. An integrated hierarchical formal four-level structure which allows description of the multiple heterogeneous properties of a complex object under measurement is developed in order to have a uniform tool for the selection of specific scales for the measurement of these properties. A special treatment of a measurement scale defined on the space of the object states is offered, and corresponding structures of basic types of scales are explained permitting to take into consideration distances between relations on these states. Our approach can serve as the uniform formalized basis for development of measuring systems and algorithms of their operation in various application areas which are characterized by heterogeneous and many-dimensional properties of objects under investigation.

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ЖурналMeasurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation
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