Spatial–temporal gain distribution of a CuBr vapor brightness amplifier

F. A. Gubarev, Lin Li, M. S. Klenovskii, D. V. Shiyanov

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The paper presents the results of study of the radial distribution of radiation inside the copper bromide vapor amplifiers depending on the time of return of their own reflected radiation. This technique allows us to estimate the changes of the gain profile during the lasing pulse. The profile distribution which is close to the Gaussian’s one is as follows for the first 7–12 ns without the addition of HBr and up to 18 ns with HBr. By the end of the lasing pulse, the profile becomes ring-shaped. The results from this study indicate that the inversion in the center of the beam disappears earlier than at the periphery. This is equally true for both the green lasing line (510.6 nm) and the yellow one (578.2 nm). The radiation profile can be flattened partially by introducing the active HBr doping, but it does not provide a uniform profile throughout the lasing pulse.

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ЖурналApplied Physics B: Lasers and Optics
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