Sorption and desorption of BrF 3 on NaF: Studies on thermodynamics and kinetics

I. I. Zherin, A. I. Rudnikov, R. V. Ostvald, V. I. Sobolev, G. N. Amelina

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Temperature dependence of bromine trifluoride vapor pressure over its adduct with sodium fluoride has been determined; the adduct normal dissociation temperature has been determined. Kinetics of sorption and desorption processes in BrF 3 (gas)–NaF(solid) system have been studied. The equation was proposed to illustrate the link between forward reaction rate (К а ) described by Arrhenius equation and experimental value (K i ): K i = K а ⋅ (P a /P eq ) m , where Ki – observed reaction rate constant, K a – forward reaction rate constant described by Arrhenius equation; P a – partial pressure of BrF 3 ; P eq – equilibrium pressure of BrF 3 above BrF 3 ⋅3NaF; m – factor characterizing the interaction area of BrF 3 with NaF. The application of this equation makes possible to determine the true reaction rate values and reaction activation energy in chemisorption terms; it also helps to calculate the degree BrF 3 sorption on NaF reaction at different temperatures and adsorbate pressures. The possibility of sorption-desorption separation of bromine trifluoride – uranium hexafluoride – iodine pentafluoride system with use of sodium fluoride was shown.

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ЖурналJournal of Fluorine Chemistry
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