Solid-state synthesis of LaSrMnO3 powders for smart coatings

M. M. Mikhailov, V. A. Vlasov, T. A. Utebekov, A. N. Sokolovskiy, A. A. Lovizkii, A. E. Smolin

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In this paper the dependencies of particle size distribution, phase composition, diffuse reflection spectra, absorption spectra, and emissivity of powders from the mixtures La2O3 + SrCO3 + MnCO3 on a synthesis temperature in the range of 800–1200 °C are investigated. Samples were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD), high resolution scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and a spectrophotometer. It is found that the basic compound La(1−x)SrxMnO3 is formed even at such low temperature as 800 °C with a heating time of 2 h. An explanation of the processes occurring in the synthesized powders was suggested. The conclusion about the possibility of obtaining the powder-pigments for the absorbing smart temperature stabilizing coatings by high-temperature synthesis without the use of mechanical effects was made.

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ЖурналMaterials Research Bulletin
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