Solid-state active media with laser pumping

T. N. Kopylova, A. V. Reznichenko, G. V. Mayer, L. G. Samsonova, V. A. Svetlichnyi, V. B. Sukhanov, A. A. Shaposhnikov, S. M. Dolotov

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    The lasing properties and photostability of 4,4′-CO 2C 4H 9 bis-substituted and azacoumarin AC1F emitting in the blue-green region of the spectrum in polymethyl methacrylate when pumped by XeCl and dye lasers were examined. Results showed that the solid-state active medium based on phenalemine 512 is a very promising candidate for various application in laser systems, while XeCl laser pumping of pyrromethane 580 were less encouraging. In the ethanolic solution with C = 2 mM/L, lasing was obtained at λ = 550.5 nm, Δλ = 1 nm, with an efficiency of 4.6%. The photoconversion quantum yield was approximately 10 -2, which was an order of magnitude higher than rhodamine 6G under the same conditions.

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    Название основной публикацииProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
    ИздательSociety of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers
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    СостояниеОпубликовано - 2000
    СобытиеALT '99 International Conference on 'Advanced Laser Technologies - Potenza-Lecce, Italy
    Продолжительность: 20 сен 199924 сен 1999


    ДругоеALT '99 International Conference on 'Advanced Laser Technologies
    ГородPotenza-Lecce, Italy

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