A. S. El'chaninov, F. Ya Zagulov, B. M. Koval'chuk, N. F. Kovsharov, V. A. Lavrinovich, A. V. Luchinskii, G. A. Mesyats, Yu F. Potalitsyn, S. A. Sorokin, V. F. Fedushchak

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    Apparatus is described that produces current pulses with an amplitude of approximately 1 MA, a rise rate of 1. 6 multiplied by (times) 10**1**3 A/sec, and an output power of 0. 3 Tw. The apparatus consists of six parallel coaxial lines with water insulation. Each line is connected through its own switching discharger to a common transmission line. The characteristic impedances of one of the shaping lines and of the transmission line are 4. 6 OMEGA and approx. 0. 8 OMEGA . The shaping lines are charged by a pulse transformer.

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    ЖурналInstruments and experimental techniques New York
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