Malogabaritnyǐ betatron dlia élektronnoǐ terapii poverkhnostnykh opukholeǐ i ego klinicheskaia aprobatsiia.

L. I. Musabaeva, V. A. Lisin, P. F. Polishchuk, V. L. Chakhlov, V. V. Kashkovskiǐ

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    The paper is concerned with the physicotechnical characteristics of a small-size betatron (with the energy of 7 MeV) designed in the Tomsk Polytechnical Institute for therapy of patients with superficial malignant tumors. An electron beam with the energy of 7 MeV was produced on the small-size betatron, irradiation fields were formed, and absorbed dose distribution was studied. The efficacy of the use of the beam in 110 patients with superficial malignant tumors was analyzed. The use of electron beam radiation was found promising for therapy of patients with locally spread types of skin and lower lip cancers and breast cancer local recurrences. Complete tumor regression was noted in 75-90% of the patients. Intraoral cone electron therapy combined with 60Co-therapy of surgery was employed for early cancer of the oral cavity.

    Переведенное названиеSmall-size betatron for electron therapy of surface tumors and its clinical evaluation
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    ЖурналMeditsinskaia radiologiia
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