Sintering oxide ceramics based on AI2O3 and ZrO2, activated by MgO, TiO2 and SiO2 additives

S. V. Matrenin, B. S. Zenin, R. V. Tayukin

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The positive effect of the addition of MgO and TiO2 in an amount of no more than 1 wt. % on sintering and physico-mechanical properties of alumina ceramics is established. Addition of 5% of SiO2 to A12O3 provides the mechanism of liquid phase sintering of ceramics, which leads to increase in its density and strength up to 480 MPa. In ceramic system A12O3 - ZrO2 - Y2O3 highest level of physical and mechanical properties of the composition had a hypereutectic composition 16.6% A12O3 - 76% Z1O2 - 7.4% Y2O3. In this composition two mechanisms of hardening are realized simultaneously, such as transformational hardening by t- m - ZrO2 transition and dispersion strengthening with high-modulus particles of α- A12O3.

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