Simulation of transients upon condensed substance ignition under intensive heating

A. G. Knyazeva, V. E. Zarko

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A model of ignition is formulated for a quasi-homogeneous propellant with two perfectly mixed components, which are independently decayed in the condensed phase and react with each other in the gas phase. The model describes heat propagation in the condensed substance and the gas, and the diffusion of the components in the gas. The transient processes from ignition to self-maintained combustion are numerically studied in the simplest variant for a single-component propellant, given a pulsed action of the heat flux. It is demonstrated, that the critical value of the heat flux for the steady ignition of the single-component propellant and the shape of the steady ignition peninsula in the 'time of heating - heat flux' coordinates are dependent on the type of the extinction criterion used.

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