Simulation of radiation energy losses by channeled relativistic electrons in a crystal

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A computer code is developed to calculate the radiation energy losses (RELs) of electrons during both 〈100〉 axis and (100) plane channeling in a thin Si crystal. A computer simulation of these losses is carried out by taking the initial angular divergence of the beam into account, and the REL dependences on the angle of electron entry into the crystal are obtained for both axial and planar channeling (orientational dependences). The calculations are carried out in connection with experiments on the interaction of 20-255 MeV electrons with crystals conducted at the SAGA Light Source linear accelerator (Tosu, Saga, Japan). The simulation results show the possibility of using the orientational dependence of the RELs of channeled electrons in thin crystals to diagnose the initial angular divergence of the electron beam and to orient crystals.

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