Simulation of Electrical Characteristics of a Solar Panel

S. Obukhov, I. Plotnikov, M. Kryuchkova

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The fast-growing photovoltaic system market leads to the necessity of the informed choice of major energy components and optimization of operating conditions in order to improve energy efficiency. Development of mathematical models of the main components of photovoltaic systems to ensure their comprehensive study is an urgent problem of improving and practical using of the technology of electrical energy production. The paper presents a mathematical model of the solar module implemented in the popular software MATLAB/Simulink. Equivalent circuit of the solar cell with a diode parallel without derived resistance is used for modelling. The serie8s resistance of the solar module is calculated by Newton's iterative method using the data of its technical specifications. It ensures high precision of simulation. Model validity was evaluated by the well-known technical characteristics of the module Solarex MSX 60. The calculation results of the experiment showed that the obtained current-voltage and current-watt characteristics of the model are compatible with those of the manufacturer.

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ЖурналIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
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