Simulation of crystal plasticity under dynamic loading

Ruslan Revovich Balokhonov, P. V. Makarov, V. A. Romanova, I. Yu Smolin

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Phenomenological constitutive equations of relaxation type have been constructed and applied to simulate plastic deformation of heterogeneous media. Both the dislocation kinetics and the viscous model with function of relaxation times were used to calculate the plastic strain rate. The deformation at the meso scale level of polycrystals subjected to dynamic loading (including shock waves) has been numerically investigated. The results obtained are reported and discussed.

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ЖурналComputational Materials Science
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    Balokhonov, RR., Makarov, P. V., Romanova, V. A., & Smolin, I. Y. (1999). Simulation of crystal plasticity under dynamic loading. Computational Materials Science, 16(1-4), 355-361.