Simulating wind power plants for relay protection problems

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Wind turbines with a capacity of several kilowatts and megawatts are actively used by the electric power industry in China, Europe, the USA and other countries. The wind has an intermittent nature, depending on the territory, can change its speed from 2 to 25 m / s during day. It's necessary to study the dynamic impact of the wind farm and to adequately model their operation under different wind loads, taking into account that wind energy constitutes a significant part of the structure of electricity production in many countries, which is reflected in the transients in the power system, Changing or disturbance of the wind flow is reflected on the change of the real power output of each wind turbine. To study the operation modes of wind turbines under different conditions with different methods of specifying wind energy, short-circuit tests were conducted on the 690V wind turbines. The study of the operation of wind turbines in the network with various wind models clearly showed differences in the oscillograms of the current in time, that in order to assess the influence of the work of the wind turbine on the network, the dynamics changes in the wind turbine in faults.

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