Shear-driven flow of locally heated viscous liquid film in a minichannel

Yulia O. Kabova, V. V. Kuznetsov, O. A. Kabov

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This paper considers a flow of a liquid sheared by gas in a flat mini-channel with two identical heaters arranged in a row one after another in a streamwise direction at the bottom wall. The present study is focused on the investigation of influence of local heaters arrangement and size on thermocapillary deformations in a viscous film, gravity effect is also investigated. 3D one-sided model is considered, viscosity of the liquid is supposed to be temperature dependent. Numerical analysis reveals that interaction and mutual influence of 3D structures takes place. Film pattern changes qualitatively depending on the heaters arrangement and form. For rectangular heaters a middle stream exists. Minimum film thickness value increases and its location moves to heater edges for rectangular heaters. A critical backlash between two heaters, at which film thinning is the largest, exists. Gravity significantly affects on the film deformations. Decreasing of gravity level leads to a flow destabilization and film deformations, especially film thinning, essentially increases.

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