Shale strata development problems and origin of the Bazhenov Formation fractures in the southeast of the West Siberian Plate

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Shale strata development is one of the most promising trends for the hydrocarbon production increase within the West Siberian petroliferous province. The lack of understanding of fracturing mechanism, which is crucial for steady well production during hydraulic fracturing or drilling of horizontal wells, substantially restricts the choice of process capabilities for effective development of such horizons. This paper considers the Bazhenov Formation fractures based on the core data. The role of open and mineralized fractures (their slope angles, density, and specific surface) in the structure of bituminous shales is considered. Paleomagnetic orientation of the core samples with open fractures is implemented, and litho-petrographical description of the strata is made. The obtained results indicate that the planetary paleotension system of rocks controls the origin of open fractures in the Bazhenov Formation. Therefore, their spatial orientation and autogeneration capability can be used during the development of the bituminous shale strata

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