Angiotenzinprevrashchaiushchiǐ ferment syvorotki krovi v diagnostike sarkoidoza i drugikh zabolevaniǐ legkikh.

V. N. Adamovich, S. E. Borisov, A. A. Zubkov, S. M. Danilov, I. I. Sakharov, Elena Nikolaevna Atochina

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The serum angiotensin-converting enzyme activity (ACE) was studied in 198 patients (116 had sarcoidosis and 82 pulmonary diseases with sarcoidosis-like X-ray picture). Rise of ACE activity in sarcoidosis patients was clearly associated with the process phase (93% in active sarcoidosis and 35.7% in nonactive). Rise of serum ACE activity was found in 46.3% of the patients having sarcoidosis-like diseases (in 41% with tuberculosis 56.3% with nonspecific inflammatory diseases and also in patients with fibrosing alveolitis, histiocytosis X and pneumoconiosis). Though the blood serum ACE activity has a high rate of the increase in sarcoidosis, this test should be considered only in the general complex of differential diagnosis signs. This can be explained by a sufficiently high probability of ACE activity rise in all diseases that most commonly require differentiation with sarcoidosis.

Переведенное названиеSerum angiotensin converting enzyme in the diagnosis of sarcoidosis and other lung diseases
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