Self-organization processes during deformation of nickel single crystals

Alfyorova Ekaterina, Filippov Andrey

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In this work, plastic deformation of nickel single crystals with highly symmetric orientations was examined. Revealed scale levels of plastic deformation self-organization and the corresponding deformation mechanisms. It was established that the shear traces and meso-bands are formed due to dislocation glide, macro-bands are formed due to dislocation glide in and near-surface misorientation of local areas, and for folds the disorientation inside the crystal is additionally developed. Based on the morphology of folded structures, it is shown that there is a correlation between the wavelength of the folds, the distance between the misoriented bands and the dislocation substructure. The Hurst exponent and correlation lengths correlate with the stages of the stress-strain curve and, consequently, the type of dislocation substructure.

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