Self- and air-broadening coefficients of HD16O spectral lines

B. A. Voronin, N. N. Lavrentieva, A. A. Lugovskoy, A. D. Bykov, V. I. Starikov, J. Tennyson

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    We present the line broadening and self-broadening coefficients of the water isotopologue HD16O and study their dependence on quantum numbers up to J = 50 for P-, Q-, and R-branches. Three calculation techniques have been used: the analytical model in the case of known quantum transition identification in normal modes; the JJ′ dependence in the case when only J and level symmetry are known, and the semiempirical calculation technique for 50 ≥ J > 15. The derived regularities for the broadening coefficients of water vapor lines allow accurate calculation of HD16O spectra including millions of weak lines from the VTT line list (Voronin, Tennyson, and Tolchenov).

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    Voronin, B. A., Lavrentieva, N. N., Lugovskoy, A. A., Bykov, A. D., Starikov, V. I., & Tennyson, J. (2012). Self- and air-broadening coefficients of HD16O spectral lines. Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics, 25(1), 27-34.