Selection of Technological Parameters of Selective Laser Melting of Mechanocomposite Ti–Nb Powder

Zh G. Kovalevskaya, V. V. Fedorov, M. G. Krinitsyn, N. S. Klochkov, M. A. Khimich, Yu P. Sharkeev

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Abstract—Specimens of Ti–Nb alloy were fabricated of mechanocomposite powder at the experimental installation of selective laser melting Luch; the thickness of the powder layer, the beam scanning velocity, and the laser radiation power were varied. It is revealed that the specimens with high density and homogeneous microstructure can be fabricated with the full melting of the powder layer under the conditions of optimization of the energy input. For leveling internal stresses, it is necessary to preheat the substrate, which will lead to reduction of the temperature gradient between the substrate and the layers, which are melted.

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