Secure information transmission with self jamming SWIPT

Akashkumar Rajaram, Rui Dinis, Dushnatha Nalin K. Jayakody, Marko Beko

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This article is focused on implementing simultaneous wireless information and power transmission as a physical layer security measure by using artificial noise. A series of high energy precoded symbols is simultaneously transmitted along with the information symbols over a Rayleigh frequency selective fading channel. The high energy precoded symbols act as an artificial noise for the eavesdroppers. The energy symbols are precoded on the basis of a legitimate user’s channel matrix to form a null space vector, which eliminates the interference of energy symbols at the information symbol receiver antennas, while allowing the rectenna to harvest energy from the superimposed information and energy symbols. We analyze the secrecy rate and error rate performance at the receiver under different circumstances, and we show that the performance of the legitimate user can be improved by using the iterative block decision feedback equalization method at the receiver.

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