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This article presents a description of the principle, design and results of a calorimeter intended for recording the beam parameters of a pulsed electron accelerator. The collector of the calorimeter with a diameter of 100 mm has 61 separate sections. The sections are fixed in the base made of a material with low thermal conductivity. The temperature of each section was determined by analyzing the thermal image of the collector with an IR camera. The thickness and mass of the sections are designed for beams with the kinetic energy of electrons up to 700 keV at the energy density of up to 3 J/cm2. The calorimeter was tested on a pulsed electron accelerator “ASTRA-M” (450 kV, 1 kA, beam current duration 150 ns). When the electron beam was injected into the atmosphere, the accuracy of the measurements was reduced by 10%. The measurement for 10 s after a series of beam pulses did not lead to a significant variation in the results. The calorimeter is suitable for rapid evaluation of the beam energy distribution profiles when the beam is injected into the atmosphere without depressurizing the vacuum volume of the electron diode.

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