Scintillation lithium-phosphate-borate glasses doped by REI

E. F. Polisadova, D. T. Valiev, K. N. Belikov, N. L. Egorova

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The spectra and decay of luminescence in scintillation glass of the Li2O-B2O3-P2O5-CaF2 system doped by Gd, Gd/Ce, Gd/Pr, Tb, Tb/Ce, and Tb/Eu have been investigated. The technology of synthesis has been described and the evolution of luminescence spectra relative to the electron excitation pulse has been studied. The presence of the buildup stage in the kinetics of terbium ions luminescence was revealed in the bands at 380 and 490 nm. The existence of interaction between ions (Gd and Ce, Tb and Ce, Tb and Eu) has been established. The estimation of the scintillation efficiency of glass with rare earth ions (REIs) has been performed.

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