Investigation of Low-Temperature Aging of Porous Composite Ceramic in the System ZrO2(Y)-Al2O3: Investigation of low-temperature aging of porous composite ceramic in the system zro<inf>2</inf>(Y)–al2o<inf>3</inf>

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Phase transformations in the samples of composite ceramic in the system ZrO2(Y)–Al2O3, which are distinguished by the value of the porosity and the content of yttrium as a stabilizing impurity, are studied as a function of their storage time at room temperature. It is shown that a reduction of the molar content of yttrium oxide in the zirconium phase of the porous composite results in a sharp acceleration of the its low-temperature aging. The phase transitions are studied by means of dilatometry in an aged composite in the temperature range 30 – 600°C.

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