Rock breakage by pulsed electric discharges

V. F. Vazhov, Vasily Mikhailovich Muratov, B. S. Levchenko, S. S. Pel'tsman, D. V. Zhgun, A. M. Adam

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The electric pulse method applied to study the granite and concrete breakage at decimeter spacing between electrodes in water and their location at the surface and in boreholes has proved to be higheffective. The presence of boreholes significantly increases the breakage productivity and decreases power inputs.

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ЖурналJournal of Mining Science
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    Vazhov, V. F., Muratov, VM., Levchenko, B. S., Pel'tsman, S. S., Zhgun, D. V., & Adam, A. M. (2012). Rock breakage by pulsed electric discharges. Journal of Mining Science, 48(2), 308-313.