Ro-vibrational analysis of the hot bands of (C2H4)-C-13: v(7) + v(10) - v(10) and v(10) + v(12) - v(10): ν 7 + ν 10 - ν10and ν10+ ν12- 1ν0

O. N. Ulenikov, O. V. Gromova, E. S. Bekhtereva, N. V. Kashirina, G. A. Onopenko, C. Maul, S. Bauerecker

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Two "hot" absorption bands, ν7+ν10-ν10 and ν10+ν12-ν10, of 13C2H4 were recorded for the first time with a Bruker high resolution Fourier transform spectrometer and theoretically analyzed. About 640 and 270 transitions (168 and 136 upper state ro-vibrational energy values) with Jmax.=20,Kamax.=10 and Jmax.=23,Kamax.=9 for the bands ν7+ν10-ν10 and ν10+ν12-ν10, respectively, were assigned. For that purpose strong local resonance interactions with ten other closely located vibrational states were taken into account. A set of 36 varied parameters was obtained from the fit, which reproduces the initial experimental data with the rms deviation of 6.7×10-4 cm and which is close to experimental uncertainties.

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ЖурналJournal of Molecular Spectroscopy
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