Rivulet flow on the outer surface of an inclined cylinder

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A study of the three-dimensional flow of a liquid film (rivulet) over the external part of an inclined cylinder was conducted for liquids with various physical properties. Patterns of the flow regimes were constructed. Good agreement is observed between the experimental data on the thickness and wall friction with the calculation with an asymptotic model in the case of a waveless rivulet. A comparison of the evolution of natural waves on rivulets with the theory of waves of maximal growth shows good agreement for small Re numbers. During the experiments, the wave characteristics of excited waves on a rivulet were investigated. The thickness, amplitude, frequency, and phase velocity of the waves over a wide range of variable parameters are given. Phase velocity integrated functions of the amplitude are constructed for various liquids. The friction on the cylinder wall is measured in the presence of natural and excited waves. The effects of wave regimes on the average values and RMS (root-mean-square) friction pulsations are studied.

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