Retrapping of current in a vacuum transmission line upon reflection of a magnetic self-insulation wave from a load

S. Ya Belomyttsev, A. A. Kim, A. V. Kirikov, V. V. Ryzhov

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The equations derived in the framework of the Brillouin model of an electron layer in a "hot" vacuum transmission line form the basis for analysis of reflection of an electromagnetic wave from a load, leading to a redistribution of currents in the magnetically insulated transmission line (MITL). It is shown theoretically for the first time that conversion (retrapping) of a considerable fraction of the current in the electron layer to the cathode current upon the reflection of the wave from the load upon an insignificant change in the current and voltage in the line is possible even under the conditions close to the self-consistent regime. This effect can be explained by the change in the state of the electron layer under the action of the reflected wave, which is associated with a transition of the system from the right branch of the magnetic self-insulation curve to the left branch.

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