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Experiments on search for heavy neutron clusters in the reaction of induced fission of 235U nuclei by neutrons have been carried out on the nuclear reactor, using the activation method. Two hypothetical reactions have been investigated: 92Mo, 94Mo, 95Mo, 96Mo, 98Mo, 100Mo(xn, (x - k)n)105Mo → 105Tc → 105Ru → 105Rh → 105Pd, with a minimum transfer of 5 to 13 neutrons to activated Mo isotopes, and 122Te(xn, (x - k)n)122+kTe → (β-) → 122+kI, with a minimum transfer of 10 neutrons to activated 122Te isotope. Radiochemical methods for selecting technetium isotopes from molybdenum and iodine from tellurium were used. For the first reaction, the upper limit on the probability of neutron cluster formation was found to be Pk ≤ 10-8 per fission. For the second reaction, indications to the existence of heavy neutron clusters were obtained.

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