Results of comprehensive neutron and photon therapy of topical breast cancers

L. I. Musabaeva, Zh A. Zhogina, E. M. Slonimskaya, V. A. Lisin

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The 5-year results of the combined modality treatment with the use of neutron-photon therapy for patients with T3-4N0-1M0 locally advanced breast cancer (LABC) are presented. Fifty-three patients with primary locally advanced T3-4N0-1M0 breast cancer received 1-2 courses of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy according to CMF schedule with the standard dosage (42 patients), high-dosage chemotherapy (11 patients) and preoperative radiation therapy with 6.3 MeV neutrons within 8-12 days. Conventional gamma-therapy (total dose of 40-45 Gy) was delivered to the areas of potential regional spread and adjuvant chemotherapy was administered according to CMF schedule for 1.5-2 years. Local recurrences occurred 8 times more rarely in patients of the main group, who received the combined modality treatment applying the preoperative neutron therapy than those in the control group. Five-year recurrence-free survival rates in patients with locally-advanced breast cancer were as follows: 96.3 ± 3.6% in the group with neutron therapy and 80 ± 6.8% in the control group. The overall 5-year survival rates were higher in the main group of patients than those in patients of the control group (66.8 ± 8.5 and 56.5 ± 11.4%, respectively).

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