Research on materials surface layers element structure formation under combined treatment with pulsed ion beams of different powers

A. V. Petrov, A. I. Ryabchikov, I. B. Stepanov, V. K. Struts, N. M. Polkovnikova, Yury Petrovich Usov, I. A. Shulepov

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The investigation results are presented for some processes occurring at different stages of strong adhesion coating and modified layer creation with the use of high-dose implantation and deep diffusive doping of elements under pulsed energetic impact. The investigations have been carried out on installation, providing the possibility of combined materials treatment with pulsed ion beams of power density ranged from 103 to 108 W/cm2. The facility includes an accelerator of high-power ion beams and sources of repetitively-pulsed metal ion beams and metal plasma flows. The possibility of the application of a high power ion beam pulsed energetic impact to intensify mass transfer and increase the depth of doping for a preliminary implanted impurity has been demonstrated. The results are presented concerning the formation of high quality thin coatings with wide buffer layers determining their adhesive strength by means of the method of combined treatment using a high power ion beam.

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ЖурналSurface and Coatings Technology
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